Welcome From Pastor Tomlinson

Are you aware that God has a deep desire to be good to you, no matter where you are in life? Presence Gathering Church has positioned itself to assist you in experiencing God’s goodness on a whole new level. We are a church that places a premium on God’s presence and people. Take advantage of the sermons on this website. I believe, that it would be helpful in your personal walk of faith. Thank you for taking time to visit our website. May God bless you!

– Pastor Russell Tomlinson

Meet Our Lead Pastor

Pastor Russell Tomlinson is the founder and lead pastor of Presence Gathering Church and Presence Gathering Network ( global outreach) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Pastor Tomlinson places a high priority on ministering the manifest Presence and grace of God, while placing a premium on caring for people.

Pastor Tomlinson is a visionary leader, global thinker, cultural activist, relationship consultant and a force for positive change. He declares God’s word with conviction and crystal clarity, combined with a passionate powerful delivery.

He believes that people are blessed of God, not because they are good, but because God is good!

Pastor Tomlinson is married to the lovely Dr. Cindy Trimm-Tomlinson, and together with their four children and four grandchildren; they are committed to helping people from all walks of life to properly relate to God, themselves and others.



Who We Are

We are so excited you have chosen to visit Presence Gathering online! We are a vibrant multicultural family church located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Our vision is bringing people from all walks of life into a personal encounter with the manifest Presence of God.

Our Beliefs
  • The Divine inspiration of the Scriptures
  • Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ
  • Deity of Christ
  • Jesus being the sinless savior gave his life as a ransom to save us all
  • Jesus resurrected from the grave 3 days later
  • Jesus is seated the right hand of God and is coming back for His church soon
  • Jesus is the only way to the Father
  • Salvation comes through being born again/saved, and that is the only way
  • Salvation is about a relationship with Jesus Christ
  • We are Free-Moral agents, God has given us the choice to follow him and we still have that choice.
  • Everyone has been given gifts that are to be used for His glory.
  • We believe in pre-millennial and pre-tribulation
  • We believe in sanctification of the believer.
  • We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God and is accurate and true!